7 Years in 7 Points.

7 Years in 7 Points.

I grew up professionally at Toluna during the past 7 years and learned way more than I could, should, and will share in this post. But, here are 7 lessons-learned that are worth sharing.


Show effort. Give it a shot. This is work - it's not always easy or straight forward but those that show up and get their hands dirty are a part of the solution.


People want to be heard and it's amazing what you can learn and accomplish by simply stop talking. When people feel heard they feel safe and when a safe team-culture is present, results will come.

With > For

Doing things with people will always end better than doing something for someone. "With" creates an experience where learning, growth, and camaraderie are present. "For" creates a  dependency that stifles these.  


Write. It. Down.  Creating and maintaining documentation is one of the hardest practices, so it's no mystery to why organizations struggle to do this well. I've seen the beauty of documentation saving a team hours of time and I've also seen the hours of time wasted due it not existing.

Try again.

If you're trying, at some point you're going fail. The lesson? Try again. Teams need to be places where failure happens, discussed, learned from, but not idolized. It's cliche but get up and try again. Persistence often carries a reward.

Learn how to say No.

Man, this was a tough one. Ironically, to be successful, and ultimately helpful, one has to become adept at saying "no" to good things. In the end it's better to be known for one or two good meals instead of a lukewarm buffet.  

As James Clear says, "Focus is the art of knowing what to ignore"

Own something.

Responsibility is a force multiplier. It will cause you to think more, listen more, care more, and grow more. Find something that no one else is owning, or wants to own, grab it and make it better for others. You'll learn much about yourself through this process and be a better employee and team member as a result

Again, there's much more that didn't make the cut. If you're interested in sharing what you've learned, or want to hear more about my past 7 years at Toluna please let me know!

Talk soon


Photo by Waldemar Brandt on Unsplash

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