Hi there, I'm Josh, a Software Engineer & experienced team builder who prefers talking with humans over bots. If you keep reading below the fold, I'll share more.

My passion centers around helping people get work done and creating order out of chaos. I know this sounds a bit inflated, or even worse, empty, but it's the truth. I've made a career out of leveraging technology and teamwork to try and satisfy this desire. And believe it or not, it's been fun!

The experience of developing RESTful APIs in C#/.NET and having it serve millions of requests a day is satisfying. Yet, building a team from scratch that can enjoy this type of success together tastes even sweeter.

But building teams is difficult work, especially in a global, asynchronous setting. Over the course of starting and managing three teams, from small (3) to large (30+), I've learned techniques to train, support, and expand their capabilities so that we can win together.

As a backend developer, some of the most rewarding projects have been those that are internal. It's the ASP.NET MVC applications or API endpoints for support/integration efforts that allow our teams to work with greater speed, collaborate and communicate easier, and operate with greater independence that make me the most proud.

However, one of the best feelings is leveraging SQL/TSQL, python, and data analysis skills to extract insights from seemingly chaotic data sets. This makes it satisfyingly fun to share with internal stakeholders what caused a production incident or to walk with clients through the performance metrics of their application. Knowing decisions will be made based on your research raises the stakes.

What's ahead? I want to tackle problems with teams of peoples who care about both the work & those they work with. I'm using a side project, Tablio, to dive in AWS & Azure and would like to continue my work with JavaScript, DynamoDB, CosmosDB, Lamdba, and Vue.js.