Do you know how to REST?

Do you know how to REST?

How do you REST?

Do you GET all the REST you need?  Or are you continually PUTting it off?

Does it DELETED from your schedule? Maybe you try to PATCH it together throughout the week?

The good news is that we have OPTIONS to get aHEAD of it.

The not-so-good news it that this POST is not talking about the REST that is good for our bodies, but the kind make the internet the connected web we've come to depend on: RESTful APIs.

RESTful API Primer

Due to interviews and the associated preparation , I've ben discussing and thinking about RESTful APIs quite a bit lately.

To help myself, and hopefully others, I've put together a brief primer on RESTful APIs.  You can view it on my LinkedIn profile or click here.

Restful Primer PDF

Click to view

This 10 slide PDF will explain what REST is, its main conventions, a working example, and additional resources.

Hope it helps! And if you have any questions or suggestions, hit me up at josh at jbaustin . com

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